Pop music that makes you feel good!

Xavier Toscano believes that pop music is the soundtrack to our lives. It etches powerful memories in our minds. When you hear a song from your past, it immediately takes you back. Faded, sepia-toned memories rush in with a colorful pop. When you hear a great pop song on that road trip or at that school dance or that time just hanging with friends, you know it’s going to be a memory that lasts forever. That is why Xavier loves pop music so much. That is the power he hopes to infuse into his songs.

Xavier’s music is influenced by Top 40 radio and video. It can best be described as enthusiastic, energetic, dance-urban pop. He also blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B with his dancing ability to create a dynamic stage show. Xavier has performed across the United States and Europe, and continues to entertain locally. Wherever Xavier performs, he is always praised for having a “ton of energy.” Combine that with his strong stage presence, and you have well rounded entertainer who puts on electric and engaging show.

Xavier has a strong acting resume as well. In addition to local theater and film projects, he has recorded national commercials for Nextel, NASCAR, Sony PlayStation, and more.




Feature: Act One Magazine

Xavier's single "Runaway" is featured on Act One Magazine:
"The hook on this track is something fresh and new, I don’t think I have ever heard anything like it and after listening to the track a few times, the hook…

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Review: Number One Music

Xavier's "Runaway" receives a review in Number One Music:
“Runaway” is one of those party style anthems that you simply can’t get out of your head once you’ve given it a listen. From the very moment you hit PLAY, you…

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Review: Buden Bay

Xavier's single "Runaway" gets reviewed in Buden Bay: 
"Xavier looks to be a very classy artist. Plenty of style and loads of flair! It’s not very often you come across an artist with a good image and the confidence to back it up."…

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Feature: Fresh Out of the Booth

Xavier's album "Feels So Good" is reviewed in Fresh Out of the Booth: 
"Xavier Toscano has released a new album titled, "Feel So Good", which is complete with 11 club tracks, which is ensured to get any crowd grooving."

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Review: "Never Wanna Leave"

Xavier's single is reviewed on Nataliez World. 
"Vocal chords wise for Xavier Toscano, his tone of voice is rather crafty. His ways with his vocals is well crafted as just said. He is able to drift the music afloat, causing…

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